UX, App, & Animation



Jay is the son of Jem Targal, and together they created the original concept for “The Adventures of Junglebirdy” application. Born in Pontiac, Michigan and raised in music studios all throughout Detroit, Jay gained a great appreciation for music and art early in life and is proud to pursue these passions alongside friends and family. “Junglebirdy has been a part of my life since I was a child, I’ve witnessed my Mother and Father’s dedication to Junglebirdy and to be able to support them to bring Junglebirdy to the world has been a priceless experience.”


After graduating from Lawrence Technological University with a major in Business Management, Jay then attended Wayne State University to pursue a master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in supply chain management. Jay then began pursuing artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors for a few years and eventually found his way to Indiana where he joined creative forces with his father. In the never-ending search for a simple and efficient supply chain, Jay mentioned the steady growth of e-books to Jem over breakfast at IHOP. “With a spark in his eye and a wild smile on his face, Jem yelled, “Junglebirdy, let’s do an interactive Junglebirdy storybook!” We high-fived and finished our pancakes. Then, we spent nearly every moment since that breakfast in 2010 working on the project.”  


Since 2011, Jay has been working as an engineer for a well-regarded aerospace engineering corporation while working on “The Adventures of Junglebirdy” in the evenings. The project has been an extensive amount of work. It’s nothing short of a miracle that Jay and Jem are lucky enough to have super talented friends Michael Goyette, and Gretchen David working to help make this beautiful dream a reality.  “We have a rockstar team with master level skill across multiple disciplines. Together we have a rare mixture of combined talent, everything from music, art, design, to programming and strategic business. We each bring well-earned experience and theory to the project. The best part of the project has been sharing the creative process with all of our friends and family, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring the Junglebirdy to the world.”



Jay Targal