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The Team

Jem Targal, Lead Artist and Musician, has spent over 20 years cultivating the music and art for this project and believe us when we say that you will feel the love and passion that has been put into this masterpiece.  Please say Yeah-Yeah and join us on an Adventure of a lifetime, through beautiful art works and wonderful music.

Yeah, Yeah! Those are words you pic up ratherly quickly when you have the opportunity to sit and listen to Jem Targal, owner and creator of the Adventures of Junglebird and his unique journey. One thing is for certain, he's a colorful character with an equally matched array of talent both techinally and artistically. 


Born in Ann Arbor Michigan in the 1940's and raised in an enriched, multi cultural environment in Detroit, his upbringing had him expose to multiple facetss. having parents whom were both musicians and a father in engineering ... which helped him raise my three brothers and our sister in a very musical household with a Baby Grand Piano and my mothers Harp in our living room.


Gretchen David