Q1: When was the Junglebirdy character established? 

A1: 1981


Q2: What type of app is "The Adventures of Junglebirdy"?

A2: The Adventures of Junglebirdy is a musically inspired, animated, interactive storybook. Every aspect of this epic tale has been lovingly crafted to inspire hope and promote harmony through an appreciation of music and art. From the original musical score to the funstastical artwork, this book will leave you mesmerized and energized to help bring harmony to the world.

Q3: What devices is the app available on? 
A3: The app is available on the Apple App Store.

Q4: I am interested in merchandising Junglebirdy branded products, whom do I contact for more information?
A5: Alright! We welcome your interest and would love to connect. Please email us at, we look forward to speaking with you.


Q5:  With so many apps available is this really worth it?

A6:  Yeah, yeah, this purchase is totally worth it. The art is outstanding, the characters are imaginative and beautiful, the music is amazing, and it’s a positive story about hope. As a cool plus the book is designed to be an educational experience for kids of all ages. You really haven’t seen anything like it before.

ALL is better,  IN HARMONY together