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The Adventures of Junglebirdy is a musically inspired, animated,

interactive storybook created to enlighten kids of all ages.

Each aspect of this epic tale has been passionately crafted to encourage hope, and promote harmony, through a love and appreciation of music and art.

Journey through pages of rhythmic discovery and uncover over 200 musical sounds and animations cleverly hidden throughout the story.

Developed with an original musical score and an amazing array of imaginative illustrations designed by creator and lead artist, Jem Targal, each page features artistic backdrops, fantastic animations and a symphony 
of whimsical characters.

Play along with your friends and family or journey with Junglebird

on a solo adventure to bring harmony back to the world.

  • Over 200 uniquely hidden interactive animations. Each of the pages chave subtle wonderful animations that breathe life into the experience. The animations are accompanied by a unique musical element or sound effect. Discover them all!

  • Each of the storybook pages are soulfully narrated by the creator of Junglebirdy, Jem Targal. The narration can help those learning the English language to match words with sounds, assisting in the learning process.  

  • Original music score featuring 24 tracks from Jem Targal of the legendary Detroit rock band "The Third Power". Jem's highly collected album "Luckey Guy" served as inspiration for much of the soundtrack, as well as a host of Jem's latest tunes.  

  • The book has so many musical elements that it could serve as a musical instrument. From the playable piano keys on Harmony Island to the strings of the guitar tree forest, music lovers will go wild experiencing the symphony of sounds. Get your friends and jam together using the app!