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The Junglebirdy is here! The Adventures of Junglebirdy is an interactive, animated storybook and is NOW AVAILABLE on the Apple App Store. 


We are so excited to be offering the first ever and long-awaited Adventures of Junglebirdy animated, interactive, musical storybook to everyone.  

We set out to create a one-of-kind experience, "The Adventures of Junglebirdy", featuring 24 interactive pages, over 200 unique animations and sounds, and a whimsical cast of lovable characters.


Inspired by epic harmony, driven by hope, and passionately crafted to support the continued cultivation of music and art. And, it's done with a whole of love.


It's quite simple really, click on Junglebirdy's heart to see and hear the story while listening to a beautiful soundtrack. It is also complex as you get lost discovering the hidden animations spread throughout the book. Each page was designed to function as it's own musical instrument so gather the friends or family and play along together!  


Or if you prefer to play solo you can play along with the original score.

We ask for your continued support to spread the word and love of Junglebirdy.


Yeah, yeah.

Junglebirdy Team


Takes Flight! YEAH, YEAH!

Third Power Interview with JEM TARGAL
Recently, bassist/vocalist Jem Targal, of the late 1960s/early 1970s Michigan power trio, Third Power, shared his memories of the life of the high octane band who arose from the same scene as the MC5, the Stooges and SRC among others as well as his post-Third Power projects.